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Hawaii InformationIf you are considering a trip to the Hawaiian Islands, this information website will guide you through some of the most popular, and mostly free attractions. Our Hawaii information website currently focuses on the island of Oahu, and we look to expand to include the neighbor islands. We have maps, current weather, how to get around on a budget and how to see Hawaii without going broke. Some of Hawaii’s greatest attractions are free so please don’t overlook simple things like catching the sunset every night. This Hawaii information website is written by locals for visitors. The authors of this website are locals trying to give the visitor the best Hawaiian experience while avoiding common pitfalls. We have the information on what to see, what to do and where to go. More importantly, we have the Hawaii information to make your trip affordable, enjoyable and safe. Please take some time to explore this Hawaii information website by clicking on the above icons. We have information on beaches, hiking, photo spots, and surfing. You can view the Hawaii information by category or location. You can also search our website for specific locations or activities. Be sure to click on the icons on the map and view the informational articles.

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